Is your child suffering due to their disorganization?

Homework not getting done, room not getting cleaned up, no routine?

Kids thrive on systems and organization and I can help.

I will first talk with the parent or caregiver to get an idea of the issues, the home set-up and the childs schedule.

Then, I will come for a consult with the child.  I will interview the child, discuss issues, document the current situation, tour the home and determine what needs to be changed.  Within 1-2 weeks, a work session (up to 4 hours) will be set-up so we can implement my recommended solutions.  The goal is to utilize what you have already in the home to accomplish this.

A follow-up will be made 4 works after set-up is complete.

Service Details :

Simply You Student Package = Please give me a call so I can discuss this service.

Mileage Charge after 30 miles = $0.55/mi

Additional Hours can be bought.